Weebollabolla 45th Annual Bull Sale 2013


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Shorthorn Bulls, Charolais x Shorthorn Bulls, Senepol x Shorthorn Bulls

Cattle producers don't miss this opportunity to secure a 2013 Weebollabolla bull at the 46th Annual Bull Sale, to be held at the Weebollabolla selling complex, Moree, Friday 13th September 2013. 

The 2013 Weebollabolla bull allows commercial producers to select high grade bulls for beef cattle, cross breeding, maternal traits and quality commercial operations. 

150 quality Weebollabolla Shorthorn bulls on offer
Weebollabolla bulls are ready to add fertility, meat quality and performance to your herd. The Studs are an exciting line up of Bulls, plus plenty more options in the Performance Managed Bulls.

Weebollabolla Impact Y156
Weebollabolla Impact Y156 they’ve held onto for good reason.

  • This sire has the ability to put bulls in the sale ring and is second to none
  • His progeny’s raw data has distinctly exceeded his contemporaries in every trait so far
  • Weebollabolla have retained sons from last year’s drop and also this year
Weebollabolla Waratah W26
Weebollabolla Waratah W26 maintains his position as one of Weebollabolla's top producing sires.

  • In addition his daughters have also provided them with a solid platform to produce bulls for 2009 and future sales
  • Waratah passes on his highly sustainable growth pattern, tremendous temperament, meat quality (marbling), good skins and clean polls
  • He has produced particularly well over bigger framed cows increasing their doability
  • Of particular note he is in the top 1% for gestation length
Young Bulls of Spry’s President Z023
This is the first year that impressive young bulls of Spry’s President Z023 a JR Legend son purchased from Sprys Shorthorns in 2006 will be available.
  • The traits he exhibited on first appearance have complemented our herd which included his overall growth, muscle pattern and mobility
  • He has produced some seriously top performing sons his progeny have been impressive since the day they hit the deck
Weebollabolla Zepplin Z130
Weebollabolla Zepplin Z130 is a soft easy doing roan.
  • Derives from a Neewarra dam W172 (a grand daughter of Theodore’s dam)
  • Has passed on these qualities to his females with high IMFs without compromising a good growth and muscle ratio
ET Senepol Sons of Wizard and Hercules out of M. Redman Shorthorn Cows
The Weebollabolla 45th Annual Bull Sale will also have ET Lot 76 Senepol sons of Wizard and Hercules out of M. Redman Shorthorn cows. A powerful combination of genetics for your consideration that complement a lot of different herds.
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