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Mine and dust control solutions from Wet Earth

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Wet Earth  offer dust and mine control solutions. Irrigation products and rainwater tanks are also supplied by Wet Earth. The mining industry is provided with a diverse range of dust control products from Wet Earth. These products are provided to customers with the help of qualified and professional employees. Wet Earth also helps customers by providing geographical locations for different types of projects.

Some of the geographical products and services, offered by Wet Earth, include stockpile dust suppression, wastewater disposal, irrigation systems for rehabilitation, dust suppression chemicals, automated wash down systems, underground mining dust suppression, haul road dust suppression, assisting evaporation from tailings dams, leaching sprinklers and fittings.

Dust suppression solutions from Wet Earth include chemicals and other delivery systems. Dust suppression chemicals are used for a number of applications and help in controlling dust in haul roads, high traffic areas, conveyor systems, open non-traffic areas, trucks and trailers. The haul road dust suppression is carried out with the help of water carts. Wet Earth provide valves, automated sprinklers and automated control systems for preventing and controlling dust. The polymer binders and wetting agents added to the water decrease the formation of dust.

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