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Farm zoning and scheduling from Wodonga Livestock Exchange

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Wodonga Livestock Exchange  provides different farming zones that can be used as land properties, suitable for agricultural applications. Zoning ensures that non-agricultural uses like building a house in that region do not affect the land on agricultural purpose.

Wodonga Livestock Exchange encourages zoning as it promotes the retention of productive agricultural land and develops the land based on a wide range of sustainable land management practice and infrastructure provision. Zoning protects and improves natural resources and the biodiversity of that region.

According to Wodonga Livestock Exchange, if customers wish to start apiculture, then they must meet the requirements of Apiary Code of Practice, May 1997. As for a cattle feedlot, they must meet the requirements of Clause 52.26. The total number of cattle that can be housed must be 1000 or less.

The site has to be located outside the water supply catchment that meets Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. For a carnival circus, customers must ensure that the land meets the requirement of a ‘Good Neighbour’ Code of Practice for a circus or carnival. Customers can visit the official website of Wodonga Livestock Exchange to learn more about living, working and investing in Wodonga.

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