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CALIBRE 100EC Miticide from Crop Care
Crop Care Australasia
Calibre 100EC is effective in killing mites, mite eggs, larvae and nymphs. Controls many types of mites, for example the two spotted mite.
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Crop Care is a leading Australian agricultural company, who manufacture and market a vast array of crop protection and seed products, used in a wide range of markets including broad acre agriculture, pastures, sugar cane, rice and horticulture.
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09/07/08 - Chemtura Australia recommends Casoron G, Omite 300w wettable powder miticide and many more active products to protect fruits, vegetables and other crops.
Supplier news
08/07/08 - Chemtura Australia recommends advanced seed treatments to increase the yield potential of crops that result in healthier seedlings for barley, oats, wheat and triticale.
Supplier news
07/07/08 - Chemtura Australia recommends products like mantle fungicide seed dressing, terraclor and uniroyal chemical terraclor cotton seed protectant for cotton crops.

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