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Crop Protection With Basf Fipronil - Available As Goliath And Regent
BASF Australia Ltd
BASF Australia's Fipronil is a crop protection product perfect for soil treatment and the control of certain foliar insect pests.
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Hawk Bird Scarer on pole
Hawk Bird Scarer
The Hawk Bird Scarers are designed to scare away a number of different bird species to prevent any damage in a number to crops.
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BASF’s Agricultural Products division is a leader in crop protection and a strong partner to the farming industry providing well-established and innovative fungicides, insecticides and herbicides.
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Hawk Bird Scarer manufacture and supply the "Hawk Bird Scarer" which is designed to be a guaranteed solution to bird problems. The life size replica is made of durable and weatherproof plastic and does not require any wind, power or poisons. 
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These bird scarers discourage birds from returning to properties
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06/12/12 - While many of them are beautiful native animals that produce a soothing sound, various bird species create mess, damage properties and crops and carry harmful diseases.

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