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Algae Treatment

Eliminate excess nutrients and organic matter in dams, ponds and troughs
Aqua-Tech AGRI
Aqua-Tech’s Waterbac Dam & Trough Water Clearer restores the natural balance to water, leaving water, clear and algae free.
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Aquatic Technologies source and supply quality weed control equipment and related technology from world’s leading brands including water born and amphibious harvesters, chemical spray boats, custom design working boats, algaecides, straw extracts ...
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Aqua-Tech Agri is a range of specialty polymer products developed for sealing dams and ponds in agriculture and horticultural applications.
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This eco-friendly solution ensures water is clear of all contaminants
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29/05/12 - Aqua-Tech AGRI presents a new approach to clearing out algae and dirty water from dams, ponds and water troughs.

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