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Profitable Docile Polled Limousin Bulls that Excel in Calving Ease and Muscle Expression from Marcel Limousin
Marcel Limousin Cattle
Marcel Limousin breed both French pure/fullblood and purebred cattle. AI sires are sourced from Europe and North America.
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Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association Inc
The Waler Horse Owners & Breeders Association Australia is dedicated to the long-term preservation of the historical attributes of the Waler horse.
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The Australian Pig Breeders Association, forerunner of today's Association, was established in the early 1900's to provide registration services, produce a herd book, administer memberships and to promote pure breed pigs.
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Fatcow - www.fatcow.com.au
Fatcow is a free online business directory listing Australian farming and agricultural businesses.  Fatcow was launched in July 2006 and currently has more than 6,000 Australian agricultural businesses listed.
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Australian Quarter Horse Association
The Australian Quarter Horse Association was incorporated in 1972 and is committed to preserving the breed through registration guidelines and record keeping, while serving each of its Members.
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Santa Gertrudis Breeders' Australia Inc
The Santa Gertrudis Breeder’s Australia Association is involved in the breeding, registration and promotion of the Santa Gertrudis cattle breed.
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Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association
The Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association (AMHCA) is the representative body of the majority of Australian Miniature Hereford breeders. AMHCA is a guide of good breeding standards protecting the consumer by having genuine breed standards.
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Australian Border Leicester Association
The role of the Australian Border Leicester Association is to work with the states to promote all aspects of breeding, showing and selling of the Border Leicester Breed. This includes the coordination of press advertising across the whole country and ...
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Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association
The Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association is dedicated to Alpaca breeders needs throughout Australia and Internationally, and help bring breeders of Alpacas and Fibre Processors together, with maximum benefit and assistance to our members.
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Hunter Thoroughbred Breeders Association
Hunter Thoroughbred Breeders Association is an organisation devoted to fostering and promoting the thoroughbred breeding industry in the Hunter Valley area of New South Wales.
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Morgan Horse Association of Australia Inc
The Morgan Horse Association of Australia Inc. (MHAA) is dedicated to encouraging and promoting interest in, and the breeding and use of Morgan horses, while educating and training members, juniors and officials for the various activities of the ...
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Thoroughbred Breeders New South Wales
Thoroughbred Breeders New South Wales Ltd (TBNSW) is a membership organisation formed to promote and advance the interests of the NSW Thoroughbred and its breeders.
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Miniature Goat Breeders Association
The largest breed Association in Australia for the Australian Miniature Goat with the largest data base of Miniature Goats in Australia. Most founding breeders in Australia are members of the MGBA which along with many other top breeders allows first ...
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Nationals federal candidate Michael Johnsen
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15/04/13 - Hunter Valley thoroughbred breeders are again warning that mining is threatening some of the most productive land in New South Wales.
 New vaccine discovered to combat bovine abortion
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02/04/13 - Australian researchers have developed a new vaccine to control the effects of the neospora caninum, the abortion-causing parasite.
The AMHCA develops breeding standards for miniature Hereford cattle breeders
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09/07/12 - The Australian Miniature Hereford Cattle Association (AMHCA) is the peak national body responsible for representing miniature Hereford cattle breeders.
The IRCC represents red dairy cattle breeders and their associations internationally
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09/07/12 - Established in Australia in 1989, the International Red Cow Club (IRCC) works for the benefit of red dairy cattle breeders associations, both within Australia and abroad.
Lowline cattle breeders aim to produce beefy cattle with high quality cuts
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09/07/12 - The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) aims to promote the Australian lowline cattle breed on both a domestic and international level.
British White cattle breeders look for desirable milk producing capabilities in their cattle
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09/07/12 - The British White Cattle Society of Australia Ltd was formed in 1983 with the purpose of preserving the British White cattle breed for the benefit of cattle breeders in Australia.
Alpaca breeders in the state of Tasmania are well represented
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06/07/12 - Tasmanian Australian Alpaca Association Ltd, a division of the Australian Alpaca Association Limited, caters specifically to alpaca breeders in the state of Tasmania.
Alpaca breeders in Northern NSW and Southern QLD are passionate about their herds
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06/07/12 - The South Queensland and Northern New South Wales Region of the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd (AAA QLDNSW) caters to the interests of alpaca breeders in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.
Thoroughbred horse breeders in Western Australia produce foals and horses that are highly sought after
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06/07/12 - Thoroughbred Breeders Western Australia (TBWA) is responsible for the representation of thoroughbred horse breeders and the thoroughbred breeding industry in the state of Western Australia.
The PHAA represents breeders and aims to preserve the Paint Horse breed
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06/07/12 - The Paint Horse Association of Australia was formed in 1973 with the intention of representing Paint Horse breeders and preserving the unique horse breed.
Arabian horse breeders benefit immensely from the work of the AHSA
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06/07/12 - The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd (AHSA) was formed in 1956 with the primary aim of preserving the purity of the Arabian horses.
Alpaca breeders in Australasia benefit from the AABA
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05/07/12 - The Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association Inc (AABA) works on behalf of and represents its members, who are either alpaca breeders or interested in the alpaca breeding industry.

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