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MasterJect cattle injection system
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12/09/12 - Think Livestock introduces an innovative cattle injection system designed to deliver injections safely and effectively.
Virbac Australia General Manager Bruce Bell
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10/08/12 - One of the most significant advancements in animal health in the past 25 years can be traced to a 1983 discovery on a golf course in Victoria’s Mallee region.
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23/07/12 - Scientists at the University Of Queensland are in the process of developing two advanced vaccines that stand to save the Queensland cattle industry more than $340 million a year.
Animal Health Alliance (Australia) - the voice of the animal health industry in Australia
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28/06/12 - Animal Health Alliance (Australia) represents registrants, manufacturers and formulators of animal health products, and works to ensure its members can operate within a viable regulatory environment.
Virbac’s Multimin can increase the effectiveness of vaccines, according to a new study from the USA
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27/06/12 - Multimin from Virbac Animal Health can improve the effectiveness of vaccines in cattle, according to a study conducted in the USA.
Cattle liveweight improves with supplemented wheat grains
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15/06/12 - GRDC-supported research shows wheat cereals with supplements increase cattle liveweight gain.
Norco Rural Stores have a range of animal health products on hand
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25/05/12 - Norco Rural Stores stock a range of animal health products for both livestock and small companion animals
John Mossop added a Cydectin LA injection pre-lambing for all ewes last year in an effort to control worm counts after the wet summer
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24/05/12 - Virbac Animal Health offers a long acting solution for worm control in sheep to prevent infestations from impacting the fast-growing lamb industry.
Affinity Insurance Brokers specialise in providing insurance solutions for the Equine Industry
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22/05/12 - Affinity Insurance Brokers specialise in providing insurance solutions for the Equine Industry.
Pfizer’s Pestigard vaccines the first to prevent BVDV in cattle
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05/04/12 - Pestigard livestock vaccination programs from Pfizer Animal Health are the only form of medication available for the prevention of BVDV in Australian cattle
Equivac livestock vaccines from Pfizer prevent tetanus in horses and other animals
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04/04/12 - The Equivac range of livestock vaccines from Pfizer play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of tetanus in horses along with dogs, sheep, cattle and pigs.
The Perth Exhibition Conference Centre, Western Australia
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26/03/12 - The Perth Convention Exhibition Centre will house the 2012 ASAVA Annual Conference in August.

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