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These innovative water dosers provide accurate dosing and take the guesswork out of water consumption
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03/02/12 - These unique water dosing systems are long lasting and hardwearing, providing increased livestock health through precision dosing.
Epricare keeps dairy and beef cattle parasite, tick and worm free, with no need for withholding periods
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02/02/12 - This broad spectrum pour-on parasite treatment effectively controls a variety of worms and ticks with zero withholding period.
Vaccinate dairy and beef cattle against botulism for 3 years with just one dose of Singvac 3
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02/02/12 - This vaccine contains both C & D toxoids of Clostridium botulinum, providing protection against botulism for 3 years with only 1 dose.
Increase the immunity and health of dairy cattle with apple cider vinegar from Stockhealth
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01/02/12 - Stockhealth's cider apple vinegar products have been shown to successfully treat and prevent a variety of dairy cow health issues.
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31/01/12 - This vaccination injection system has been designed to ensure a sterile needle every time; safely reducing injury, infection and disease.
Keep cattle in good health with Phibro's range of antibiotics
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30/01/12 - CLTC, Neo-Terramycin, Terramycin and V-Max are all antibiotics and anti-infectives, suitable for beef cattle use, available from Phibro.
Alltech Australia is one Australian company that has developed alternatives to the use of antibiotics in animal feed
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27/01/12 - The current widespread use of antibiotics in livestock and farm animals raises concerns that will be addressed at the ATA symposium.
Alltech explains how to keep milk yields high through the prevention of lameness
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26/01/12 - Alltech Australia explains that early diagnosis and treatment of lameness in dairy cows is essential for maximising milk production.
Oralject treats even benzimidazole resistant strains of worms in sheep and goats
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25/01/12 - This wormer is suitable for use on even benzimidazole resistant strains of worms and is ideal for treating small flocks.
Just one dose of CircoFlex vaccine can protect pigs from the harmful consequences of Circovirus (PCVAD)
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25/01/12 - CircoFlex can be used to vaccinate pigs against PCVAD from 3 weeks of age, in only one dose.
Alltech gives advice to help prevent lameness and foot rot in cattle
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25/01/12 - Alltech explains the most common causes of lameness in cattle and provides steps to help reduce the risks.
These Te-Pari gas fired docking irons are designed for the quick, safe and professional tailing of lambs
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24/01/12 - These docking irons provide a quick, safe and hygienic way of professionally tailing lambs.

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