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YD-003 Mosquito trap
Supplier news
23/01/13 - The YD-003 Weatherproof mosquito and bug traps from Enviro Bug Control work in all outdoor conditions and will go anywhere mosquitoes are a problem.
Portable mosquito trap
Supplier news
23/01/13 - The M-6 Portable mosquito traps from Enviro Bug Control can be used both in and outdoors and combine several methods of attractions for mosquitoes and house flies.
Ultrasonic pest repeller
Supplier news
23/01/13 - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller from Enviro Bug Control is a powerful unit that covers an area of 4000 square feet and is highly effective in the control of mice, rats, cockroaches.
Vetmarker makes marking lambs quick and easy
Supplier news
22/01/13 - The Vetmarker from Fenemor Innovations is a marking chute that will put lambs on their feet once they have been released.
Py-Bo natural pyrethrum insecticidal concentrate is based on natural Pyrethrum extract
Supplier news
22/01/13 - Py-Bo natural pyrethrum insecticidal concentrate controls all aphids, thrips, caterpillars, whiteflies, leafhopper ants and earwigs.
Cattle yards
Supplier news
21/01/13 - Metalcorp has over 30 standard designs of cattle yards on offer with design variations infinite.
Air-Hydra cattle crush
Supplier news
21/01/13 - The EHD Ultimate Air-Hydra from RPM Rural Products is a cost effective and simple cattle crush.
Termite colony baiting
Supplier news
16/01/13 - There is little point in tearing apart the timbers and spraying the scurrying termites because back at the nest, the queen is laying about 2000 eggs — a day!
Termite traps
Supplier news
16/01/13 - Ten years ago about 80% of homeowners did nothing but hope; the rest used a professional to come and look and spray once a year.
These bird scarers discourage birds from returning to properties
Supplier news
06/12/12 - While many of them are beautiful native animals that produce a soothing sound, various bird species create mess, damage properties and crops and carry harmful diseases.
Animal management products can be used to control the spread of disease
Supplier news
06/12/12 - Last week, cattle situated on a property south of Rockhampton tested positive for bovine Johne’s disease (BJD), a potentially fatal condition.
A-B110 360 degree ultrasonic pest repeller
Supplier news
14/11/12 - Enviro Bug Control introduces the new A-B110 360 degree ultrasonic pest repeller that assists with effective control of common pests in an area of 4000 square feet.

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