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The Tru Test XR3000 stores the weight and statistics of upto 50,000 individual animals, providing a range of statistics, reports, graphs and predictions
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24/01/12 - These sophisticated animal weighers can store weight and customisable data for up to 50,000 individual animals.
These purpose built veterinary scales give accurate readings to within 20 grams for animals weighing up to 150Kg
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23/01/12 - The A&D vet-weigh scales are purpose built for weighing livestock and animals giving an accuracy of within 20 grams.
Animal weighing scales used at Capalaba Greyhound Racing Club
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05/07/10 - Accuweigh's Brisbane North branch recently supplied a new set of animal weighing scales to the Greyhound Racing Club at Capalaba.
Portable Axle Weighbridge
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29/09/09 - Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently supplied the necessary components and technical advice to allow a vineyard owner to manufacture his own portable weighbridge.
Portable wheel weighers
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28/07/09 - Accuweigh’s Perth branch recently supplied a set of Portable Wheel Weighers to a transport and logistics company in Indonesia.
Payload monitoring systems
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28/07/09 - Accuweigh’s Brisbane branches recently supplied and commissioned onboard Payload Monitoring Systems to three rear lift waste collection trucks currently being fitted out by Superior Pak
Field Scout Direct Soil EC probe
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23/07/09 - The new Field Scout Direct Soil EC probe permits direct measurement of salt and conductivity in soil media as well as irrigation water or nutrient solutions.
IPM Scope - Plant Health and Pest Microscope
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23/07/09 - John Morris Scientific is pleased to introduce Spectrum’s IPM Scope. The IPM Scope combines a digital camera, precision optics and LED lighting into a powerful handheld microscope and imaging software
Accuweigh’s industrial scales
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23/07/09 - Large industrial scales were recently commissioned by Accuweigh for weighing waste sewerage by-product at the Merrimac Waste Water Treatment Plant.
The new IQ 150 Soil pH Meter
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22/07/09 - Spectrum Technologies are proud to introduce the new IQ 150 Soil pH Meter to ensure consistent plant quality.
Hook Lift Truck Scales
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20/07/09 - Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch recently commissioned three sets of hook lift truck scales for Newcastle City Council’s landfill operation.
Split weighing
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01/07/09 - Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch recently added another weighbridge deck to a clients existing weighbridge to eliminate the need for split weighing long trucks.

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