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When cows are going hungry, should their rights trump those of national parks? AAP Image/Dean Lewins
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23/05/13 - Due to a serious drought that has seen one-third of Queensland drought declared, farmers are struggling to feed their cattle.
Meat and Livestock calls for help to cut the gas
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23/05/13 - Meat and Livestock Australia is searching for three advisers to help the industry cut livestocks' methane gas emissions.
Queensland parliament passes controversial land clearing laws
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22/05/13 - The Queensland government has passed changes to land clearing laws in order to combat the Cattle Crisis.
RSPCA calls for a restructure away from live exports
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10/05/13 - The RSPCA is calling for a restructure away from live exports in light of the recent animal cruelty allegations in Egypt and, more recently, Malaysia.
Warning against potential grain poisoning during dry weather
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26/04/13 - With extreme dry weather predicted to continue throughout the coming weeks, a caution has been extended to farmers of the risks of switching from pasture based feed to grain.
New AACo abattoir to be completely self-funded
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22/04/13 - Australia’s largest cattle producer, AACo will solely fund its new $85 million dollar abattoir which is being built near Darwin.
New Pasturefed certification introduced for Aussie beef
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18/04/13 - A new voluntary certification system was launched this week enabling premium grassfed beef to be appropriately labelled and branded.
Indonesia may increase Aussie cattle quota
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17/04/13 - Indonesia may increase Aussie beef import quota, a hope for struggling Northern Australian cattle farmers.
Image courtesy of AACo
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16/04/13 - Low rainfall, the halt of exports and a strong Aussie dollar has resulted in a continuous decline of cattle prices.
Emergency summit for graziers in strife
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11/04/13 - Politicians have asked the Queensland state government to get involved in an emergency summit tackling the uncertain future of the state’s graziers.
Image courtesy of Winegod
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09/04/13 - Low rainfall across Australia is predicted to drop Ruralco’s profit by up to 70 percent.
 New vaccine discovered to combat bovine abortion
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02/04/13 - Australian researchers have developed a new vaccine to control the effects of the neospora caninum, the abortion-causing parasite.

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