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Santa Gertrudis cattle are bred for their high quality beef
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03/07/12 - The Santa Gertrudis Breeder’s Australia Association is involved in the breeding, registration and promotion of the Santa Gertrudis cattle breed.
The Beef Shorthorn Society of Australia
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28/06/12 - The Beef Shorthorn Society of Australia services regional and rural Victoria to ensure the protection of beef shorthorn in Australia.
MLA is involved in assisting producers of cattle, sheep and goats
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28/06/12 - Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) carry out a range of functions for the benefit of red meat producers in Australia.
Virbac’s Multimin can increase the effectiveness of vaccines, according to a new study from the USA
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27/06/12 - Multimin from Virbac Animal Health can improve the effectiveness of vaccines in cattle, according to a study conducted in the USA.
Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA)
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27/06/12 - The Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA) foster the development of Australian Lowline Cattle nationally and internationally.
According to the Society, Devon cattle are typically quiet and easy to handle, with a broad genetic diversity
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27/06/12 - The Devon Cattle Breeders' Society of Australia was founded at the Devon Society in April 1935, and since then has championed the promotion and development of the breed in Australia and beyond.
Australian Galloway Association (AGA)
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27/06/12 - The Australian Galloway Association focuses on Galloway, Belted Galloway and Miniature Galloway and Miniature Belted Galloway Cattle.
The Angus Society of Australia
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27/06/12 - The Angus Society of Australia deliver innovative programs that enhance and promote the value of Angus cattle and Angus beef products.
ARCBA works to further the Australian cattle seed stock industry
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26/06/12 - The Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association (ARCBA) is the peak industry Council for the Australian cattle seed stock industry, and deals with both meat and dairy producing cattle.
Brahman cattle are extremely resilient
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25/06/12 - The Australian Brahman Breeders Association aims to assist the breeders of Brahman cattle, a unique breed that is able to adapt to Australia’s harsh climate.
Brangus cattle are renowned for their fertility
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25/06/12 - The Australian Brangus Cattle Association caters to the needs and interests of Brangus cattle breeders within Australia.
The CLMA's Landcare group represents about 300,000km (30 million ha) of land under pastoral lease
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22/06/12 - The Centralian Land Management Association (CLMA) was founded in 1988 by a group of local pastoralists, and has since developed into the largest Landcare group by area in Australia.

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