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14/06/12 - RAU Stand Easy presents the hugely popular cattle safety immobilisers designed to enhance safety while carrying out various tasks such as branding, castrating, banding, dehorning, ear tagging, motheri
Conservation based grazing systems can affect livestock performance
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14/06/12 - A recent study has found that traditional and conservation based grazing methods can yield different results for livestock in terms of weight.
Nick Sangster, Specialist in Veterinary Parasitology and Head of the Animal and Veterinary Sciences School at Charles Stuart University, Wagga Wagga
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16/04/12 - The Nitromec injection from Virbac Animal Health combines nitroxynil and clorsulon to create a particularly potent treatment for liver fluke in cattle.
Silencer hydraulic cattle chutes available in Australia
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22/02/12 - Silencer hydraulic cattle chutes are now available in Australia from the Catagra Group.
Young farmer investigates science career following Dow AgroSciences research station placement
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03/02/12 - James Elsley was chosen from among 80 bright high school students to receive this year’s Industry Placement Scholarship.
Epricare keeps dairy and beef cattle parasite, tick and worm free, with no need for withholding periods
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02/02/12 - This broad spectrum pour-on parasite treatment effectively controls a variety of worms and ticks with zero withholding period.
One of the highly anticipated features of the conference will be the unveiling of the genomic predictions for BREEDPLAN
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16/12/11 - Organisers have announced that registrations are now open for the Bayer & Bioniche International Beef Cattle Genetics Conference, one of the new marquee events at Beef Australia 2012.
The Sydney Royal Cattle Show
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12/12/11 - The Sydney Royal Cattle Show is one of Australia’s most prestigious cattle shows. The value of winning a Sydney Royal ribbon is immense.
Cattle breeding - what is the genetic advantage of Lawsons Angus?
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12/12/11 - A look at the major economic indicators confirms that Lawsons Angus has a genetic advantage compared with Angus from other cattle breeding operations.
Devonshire cattle are well known for their high fertility rate and good quality meat
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12/12/11 - The Devonshire cattle breed are well known for their docile nature as well as their high fertility rates and quality meat produce.
SARDI Livestock breeding and genetics science programs are currently being applied in livestock industries
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09/12/11 - South Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI) provides a range specialist capabilities in livestock breeding and genetics.
Hereford Bulls
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09/12/11 - Ironbark Herefords offers elite, high performance hereford bulls for Angus crossbreeding, to be sold at its annual sale on 31 August 2011.

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