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Flexitank offer a wide range of pillow tanks for the Farming and Agricultural sectors. Pillow tanks can be used for the storage of various liquids, slurries, and gases. Portable storage for water, fuels, chemicals, waste, effluents and ...
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Multi-purpose fuel bladders/cells
Supplier news
25/05/11 - Flexitank (Australia) launches a new range of flexible fuel bladders/cells to hold a wide range of liquids and fuels.
HiLux flexible water tanks
Supplier news
19/05/11 - Flexitank (Australia) now offers the new 50-litre hanging style water tanks, designed for dual cab Toyota HiLux vehicles and the cargo barriers of most 4WDs.
Spill control products
Supplier news
21/04/11 - Flexitank have added their spill control products to their online store and add to their spill control and containment range.
Collapsible water tanks
Supplier news
20/04/11 - The Novatank from Flexitank is a collapsible 5000 litre water tank.
Flexitank (Australia) launch online store
Supplier news
12/04/11 - Flexitank (Australia) have launched their online store and made niche plastic manufacturing more accessible and affordable.
Flexible bladder tanks
Supplier news
11/04/11 - Flexitank (Australia) have launched their new 50 litre flexible bladder tanks.

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