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Canola Seed Treatments

Pacific Seeds Canola delivers exceptionally higher yields than conventional varieties
Pacific Seeds
The Hybrid Canola range from Pacific Seeds has been engineering to withstand various diseases including blackleg.
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With over 50 years on the Australian agricultural scene, Pacific Seeds has demonstrated its commitment to bringing the best plant genetics and seed technology to Australia’s farming community.
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05/08/08 - Dovuro Seeds provides WarriorCL and GT61 seed varieties. WarriorCL seeds produce medium height plants. These seeds thrive well in regions receiving annual rainfall ranging from 350 millimetres to 500 millimetres.
Supplier news
04/08/08 - Dovuro Seeds offers Tarcoola seeds. These seeds are conventional canola seeds. Tarcoola seeds are resistant to all types of conventional herbicides.
Supplier news
01/08/08 - Dovuro Seeds provides a comprehensive range of seeds. ATR Cobbler seeds produce plants with medium to short height. These seeds are tolerant to Triazine herbicide. This seed has an early to early mid maturing rate. ATR Cobbler seeds from Dovuro Seeds ...

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