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The SCUD chemical transfer system (t/a Time Saver Industries - TSI Beacon) was developed in 1997 when the first Envirodrums appeared. The SCUD allows the operator to fill the boomspray without spilling either chemical or water on the ground, ...
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Australian Agricultural Machinery, otherwise known as Jetstream, have a range of agricultural equipment. Other products include small farm and horticultural sprayers, broadacre crop sprayers, boom sprays, grain handling equipment, water tanks, ...
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SCUD chemical transfer systems
Supplier news
10/08/11 - The SCUD chemical transfer system will be on display at this year’s Dowerin Field days on the 24th and 25 August.
New Mobile SCUD chemical transfer pumps from TSI Beacon
Supplier news
10/03/11 - The New Mobile SCUD chemical transfer pumps from TSI Beacon can measure and deliver small doses of chemicals for small hand held/backpack sprayers and motorbikes.
Supplier news
04/03/09 - Within TeeJet’s direct chemical injection systems, the main carrier tank is loaded with clean water, not mixed chemicals.

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