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Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association represents Australia's $33.6 billion chemistry industry
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09/07/12 - The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association describes itself as the preeminent national body representing the chemical industry in Australia.
Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Australia International Group the 'Antipodean Group' of the society
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09/07/12 - The SCI Australia International Group is the local group of the international Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), a registered charity with members in over 70 countries.
Alpaca breeders in the state of Tasmania are well represented
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06/07/12 - Tasmanian Australian Alpaca Association Ltd, a division of the Australian Alpaca Association Limited, caters specifically to alpaca breeders in the state of Tasmania.
Alpaca breeders in Northern NSW and Southern QLD are passionate about their herds
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06/07/12 - The South Queensland and Northern New South Wales Region of the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd (AAA QLDNSW) caters to the interests of alpaca breeders in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.
Thoroughbred horse breeders in Western Australia produce foals and horses that are highly sought after
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06/07/12 - Thoroughbred Breeders Western Australia (TBWA) is responsible for the representation of thoroughbred horse breeders and the thoroughbred breeding industry in the state of Western Australia.
The PHAA represents breeders and aims to preserve the Paint Horse breed
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06/07/12 - The Paint Horse Association of Australia was formed in 1973 with the intention of representing Paint Horse breeders and preserving the unique horse breed.
Arabian horse breeders benefit immensely from the work of the AHSA
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06/07/12 - The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd (AHSA) was formed in 1956 with the primary aim of preserving the purity of the Arabian horses.
Cotton Australia is the collective voice of the cotton growing industry
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06/07/12 - Cotton Australia repreents Australia's cotton growing industry.
Grain Producers Australia (GPA)
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06/07/12 - Grain Producers Australia (GPA) is committed to the representation of growers on issues directly affecting the future of the grain production industry.
Agrifood Awareness Australia Limited (AFAA)
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06/07/12 - Agrifood Awareness Australia Limited (AFAA) is an industry initiative, established to increase public awareness and encourage informed debate and decision-making about gene technology.
Grain Growers Limited (GrainGrowers)
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06/07/12 - Grain Growers Limited (GrainGrowers) deliver world-class services and solutions to all Australian grain producers.
Australian Land Management Group (ALM)
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06/07/12 - Australian Land Management Group (ALM) developed a system to benefit land managers, industry organisations and natural resource management agencies.

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