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Researchers in Indonesia discover way to help stop pests attacking rice crops
11/09/18 - ​Researchers in Indonesia have deciphered the chemical cues used by rice to attract a parasitoid that helps fight off the plant’s predator.
Stronger biosecurity measures to manage stink bug risks
27/08/18 - Australia has implemented stronger offshore biosecurity measures for the upcoming brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) season.
Pest animal costs to Australian agriculture on the rise
29/10/17 - The cost of rabbits, wild dogs, foxes, feral pigs and other vertebrate pests on Australian agriculture is now as high as $797 million per year.
Chickpea growers advised to protect crops
30/05/17 - ​Growers and agronomists are reminded to take the appropriate management strategies to protect chickpea crops from Ascochyta blight disease this season.
Crop probiotics: how more science and less hype can help farmers
25/04/17 - Farmers are at risk of missing out on a global boom in “crop probiotics”, because lax regulations make it less likely the supplements they buy will work.
Wheat genome decoded to enhance food security
25/04/17 - UWA researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology have been involved in the most comprehensive analysis of a wheat genome.
Govt establishes CRCs for food, farming
07/03/17 - The Government will invest in four new Cooperative Research Centres dedicated respectively to food, farming, honey products and transport logistics.
Farmers face falling crop yields and growing food demand. Shutterstock
28/02/17 - Climate change and extreme weather events are already having impacts on our food, from meat and vegetables.
How Trump's deportation plan threatens America's food and wine supply
19/12/16 - Mass deportations of up to three million undocumented immigrants are expected to begin in January, when Donald Trump takes the oath of office.
photo credit: Flinders University
11/12/16 - According to phys.org, ​South Australian research that improves wheat, pastures and other crop yields has sown the seeds for global distribution deals.
Cambooya grower chases top end yield
Supplier news
06/09/16 - ​Changes to the summer cropping program have yielded dividends for Cambooya farmer Ray Charles.

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