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Avocado growers have not altered their harvest to create higher prices
27/01/16 - Australia's avocado growers have not altered their harvesting to manipulate avocado pricing, according to Avocados Australia's CEO John Tyas.
The real cost of pesticides in Australia’s food boom
06/12/13 - More than A$17 billion worth of crops grown in Australia annually is attributed to agricultural pesticides. That’s 68% of the A$26 billion industry.
Worm turns for cotton pest as Australia breeds in resistance
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01/07/13 - Among Australia’s key cotton pests is the global insect nemesis of agriculture, Helicoverpa armigera.
State vs federal in WA grape gripe
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13/06/13 - A proposal to allow Californian grapes into Western Australia is seeing the state’s Department of Agriculture take on its federal counterpart in an effort to maintain its pest
Six factors affecting fertiliser rates
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13/06/13 - Achieving maximum yields from your land requires healthy and fertile soil. Here are six tips on getting the balance right.
ACCC gives the green light for Elders takeover
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31/05/13 - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have approved the takeover of the agribusiness Elders by its main competitor Ruralco.
11 tips for using pre-emergent herbicides: DPI
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29/05/13 - A pre-emergent herbicide is applied to the soil either before or directly after sowing and prior to weed emergence.
New legislation may restrict farmers’ access to agricultural chemicals
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16/05/13 - New federal legislation was passed through parliament yesterday which will require chemical companies to re-register their products every 7- 15 years.
Drone used for Australian first in weed control
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03/05/13 - Sesbania Cattle Station in north-west Queensland will be the first Australian site to demonstrate the use of a drone to control acacia.
Ion Staunton holds a 250ml bottle of PyBo, a free trial quantity that can make 250 litres of spray for a 15-minute trial
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21/02/13 - One of the oldest insecticides in the world also offers one of the widest uses among all registered pesticides.
Trish Lewis facing summer challenges
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18/02/13 - Three key challenges faced by dairy farmers in summer are lower pasture quality and supply, heat stress, and mycotoxin issues.
Speedtillers condition soil and cut and distribute trash evenly
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29/01/13 - K-Line Industries Speedtillers® are disc tilling machines that are ideal for conditioning soils with high levels of crop residues.

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