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Pacific Glyphosate 450
Pacific Agriscience Pty Ltd
Non-selective herbicide for the control of a broad range of annual and perennial weeds
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The range of gases from BOC Australia
BOC is the leading provider of gases in the South Pacific
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Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers
A blended combination of manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, and copper as well as kelp extracts.
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Swancorp Chelated Micronutrients
Chelated micronutrients are great to enhance the nutrients in fertilisers for greater crop productivity
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Trilogy Silvergrass Wetters from SST
SST Australia
Trilogy silvergrass wetters are special purpose wetter penetrants as they help chemical coverage of wet to hard weeds.
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Plant and Soil Nutrients from Manutec
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Achieve accurate spreading with almost any spreader even in windy conditions
Ace Minerals Pty Limited
Pelletized Lime and Ultra-Fine Lime Powder is ideal for application on farms, gardens, lawns and for industrial requirements.
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Vector Vortex Spray Unit for dry and liquid materials from AG Imports
The Vector Vortex Spray Unit makes the job of fertilizing and spraying easy.
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Hydrometers Designed for Zinc Sulphate Testing in Sheep Footbaths by Think Livestock
Think Livestock
Zinc Sulphate Testers used by farmers to measure the concentration level of sulphate.
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Organic Crop Protectants (OCP)
Early season Botrytis spray made up of Trichoderma Koningii.
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All purpose fertiliser spreaders can be trailer or truck mounted
Marshall Multispread
The Marshall Multispread can spread both synthetic granular fertilisers such as Urea and Superphosphate, and non-granulated organic products like lime, gypsum and manure.
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Achieve Accurate Distribution and Placement of Seeds and Fertilisers with Gason Liquid Air Seeders
Gason's 2120/50 SR Liquid Air Seeders Series handles corrosive liquids and allows manual application if electronic controller fails, ensuring reliability
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Phosmix's revolutionary blend of phosphorus and essential minerals support your livestock
Agricon Products
Quality phosphorus supplement for horses, cattle, goats and sheep.
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Zincman Zinc Formula Designed For Early Seed Health from Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers
Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers
Zincman ZInc formula specially designed for boosting the health and growth of early seeds
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Affordable Trifluralin 480 EC Herbicide controls annual grasses
Pacific Agriscience Pty Ltd
A per-emergence Herbicide for premium control of annual grasses and some broadleaf weeds in specific horticultural and agricultural crops.
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Yeast Supplements from Alltech
Alltech Australia
Animal health supplements for beef, dairy, pig and equine feed systems
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Daken quick and easy to use fertiliser spreaders
A selection of fertiliser spreaders that range in size, are easy to operate, cost effective and suited to all kinds of spreading work.
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Patented Shattertines® facilitate more nutrients into tired soils and encourage faster root growth
John Berends Implements
A low maintenance agricultural tool that enriches tired soils with the necessary nutrients to produce high yielding farm land.
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Effective weed control and excellent stubble incorporation
K-Line Agriculture
The K-Line Speedtiller® is an essential machine for soil management, it has been designed for strength and durability and is an effective disc-tilling mach
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