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Debunking the myth about wheat breeding and allergies
25/06/19 - New research has debunked the myth that all early varieties of wheat were less allergenic than the varieties grown on Australian farms today.
Grape growers battle heat ahead of vintage
29/01/19 - Vineyard managers across South Australia are preparing for scorching conditions in a bid to protect what is already looking like below average yields
Govt establishes CRCs for food, farming
07/03/17 - The Government will invest in four new Cooperative Research Centres dedicated respectively to food, farming, honey products and transport logistics.
Farmers face falling crop yields and growing food demand. Shutterstock
28/02/17 - Climate change and extreme weather events are already having impacts on our food, from meat and vegetables.
Genomics pioneer set to beef up Australian cattle industry
15/05/16 - Genomic selection could provide productivity gains to the Australian beef industry, according to recent research conducted at the University of Queensland.
New EU project Kick-Off: ICC involved as a Project Partner
09/05/16 - Scientists leverage smart technology to support farmers and improve food safety: globally every year there are several billion Euro losses to cereals
Support for farmers in agricultural supply chains
13/04/16 - Farmers will be empowered to establish cooperatives and adopt innovative business models to boost their bargaining position.
Vital data supports smarter management of water resources
11/04/16 - Management of Australia's water resources can rely on hard facts thanks to the Bureau of Meteorology's latest National Water Account.
Australian agriculture and food exports enjoy third round of tariff cuts
31/03/16 - Australian agricultural and food exporters are set to have their market access gains to Japan further amplified, with the third round of tariff cuts.
Beating drought with agricultural insurance
28/03/16 - Farm businesses have a new tool to help protect against the perils of drought, frost, hail and fire.

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