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Levucell® SC Rumen Specific Yeast specific to Dairy Cow digestive health
Lallemand Animal Nutrition
Protecting and improving rumen health in Dairy Cattle with proven quality results.
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BEC Feed Solutions
Designed to prevent Choline being degraded in the rumen after consumption and to ensure its release and absorption in the small intestine.
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Profitable Docile Polled Limousin Bulls that Excel in Calving Ease and Muscle Expression from Marcel Limousin
Marcel Limousin Cattle
Marcel Limousin breed both French pure/fullblood and purebred cattle. AI sires are sourced from Europe and North America.
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Santa Gertrudis Breeders' Australia Inc
The Santa Gertrudis Breeder’s Australia Association is involved in the breeding, registration and promotion of the Santa Gertrudis cattle breed.
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Australian Galloway Association
The Australian Galloway Association is the association which registers and promotes Galloway, Belted Galloway and Miniature Galloway and Miniature Belted Galloway Cattle.
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Australian Brangus Cattle Association
Australian Brangus Cattle Association developed the Brangus breed which has been developed as a stabilised breed in Australia with commercially orientated breeding programs going back to the early 1950's.
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Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA)
The Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) operates as a non-profit organisation working and representing the organic producers offering development, advice at government level and supportING the growth of the Australian organic market. The BFA provides ...
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International Red Cow Club
International Red Cow Club aims to provide healthy, productive, feed efficient, genetically diverse, highly fertile dairy cows that are capable of producing and surviving under a wide range of production systems and environments.
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Fatcow - www.fatcow.com.au
Fatcow is a free online business directory listing Australian farming and agricultural businesses.  Fatcow was launched in July 2006 and currently has more than 6,000 Australian agricultural businesses listed.
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The Angus Society of Australia
Angus Australia works in support of over 2,700 members located throughout Australia. The Angus Society of Australia was established in 1919 and continues to ensure Angus remains the leading cattle breed in Australia.
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Australian Lowline Cattle Association (ALCA)
The Australian Lowline Cattle Association aims to foster the development of Australian Lowline Cattle nationally and internationally whilst maintaining the purity and integrity of the breed.
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British White Cattle Society of Australia
Formed in 1983, British White Cattle Society of Australia aims to encourage the breeding and the preservation of the British White Breed in Australia.
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South Devon Cattle Society
The South Devon is a British Breed, originating in a very fertile area of South Devon in England, known as the South Hams. South Devon can improve your cattle profitability either straight breeding or crossbreeding.
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Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd
Square Meaters Cattle Association of Australia Ltd is committed to the regulation of breeding amongst Square Meater Cattle. This regulation is aimed at providing a safety net against animals becoming too small or regressing back to taller, slower maturing ...
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Cattle Council of Australia
The Cattle Council of Australia is the peak producer organisation representing Australia's beef cattle producers. The objective of the Council is to represent and progress the interests of Australian beef cattle producers.
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​Animal rights groups demand 10-year dairy industry phase-out
13/12/16 - Vegan Australia and the Animal Justice Party (AJP) want to end the dairy industry in 10 years.
The Shepherd Centre launches 2016 tax appeal calling for increased regional support
19/04/16 - The Shepard Centre, a NSW-based children's charity helping deaf and hearing impaired children learn to listen and speak, launched their 2016 tax appeal
Australian livestock exporters concerned over Reforms
07/04/16 - The Australian Livestock Exporters' Council (ALEC) has welcomed government reform to streamline export certification processes, but harbours concern.
JBS Australia and Primo launch Foodbank beef program
13/08/13 - Foodbank has teamed up with JBS Australia and Primo to launch a new beef initiative, which will supply over 130 tonnes of sausages per year to those in need.
Fonterra faces new milk contamination scare in Sri Lanka
12/08/13 - New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has entered more hot water over another milk contamination scare, this time in Sri Lanka.
Brownes cleans up at annual Dairy awards
12/08/13 - WA’s oldest Dairy, Brownes has taken home 23 individual awards at the Royal Agricultural Society Dairy Awards.
AACo’s announces resignation of CEO
02/08/13 - AACo is now searching for a new CEO as David Farley who has held the position over the past four years, announced that he will be stepping down.
Aussie beef exports to hit 1m tonnes this year
31/07/13 - Despite the tough times beef producers up north are experiencing, Australia's beef industry overall is poised for a good year.
Wine by-product offers hope to starving cattle
23/07/13 - Tarac Technologies, a wine industry processor in Griffith, Southern NSW has produced surplus grape marc which could be used to provide emergency feed for cattle.
Rudd says live cattle quota will be determined by Indonesia
16/07/13 - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has placed the ball in Indonesia’s court regarding live cattle quotas.
ACCC will not investigate JBS Swift over abandoned abattoir
15/07/13 - An ACCC investigation requested by Tasmanian Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson into JBS Swift’s refusal to sell its abandoned abattoir on King Island will not be going ahead.
Rudd’s talks provide hope for Aussie cattle industry
Supplier news
03/07/13 - Kevin Rudd will meet with Indonesian leader Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono this Friday to discuss the revival of Australia’s $500 m live cattle export trade.

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