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Bacterial Forage Inoculants from Lallemand Animal Nutrition
Lallemand Animal Nutrition
Trilac bacterial forage inoculants improve feeding silage and milk production
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Alosca Technologies supply Dry Granular Legume Inoculants for clover, serradella, lupin, biserrula, lucerne, chickpea, lentils and other legumes.
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Lallemand Animal Nutrition is an Australian company specialising in silage systems. Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers a range of silage products and services including total silage management packages, coaching packages, silage inoculants, applicators ...
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Silage inoculants can enhance a cow's milk producing abilities
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22/11/12 - According to a recent Agri-View article, a study out of the U.S. has uncovered that silage inoculants have the potential to increase the production of rumen microbes in cows.

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