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Harrington Systems Electronics manufacture a range of electronic products such as uSee Remote Monitoring, uSee Camera, uSee Satellite, uSee Tank Level and The Pipe Reader- NLIS Tag Reader.  Based in Olga Downs, North West Queensland. 
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Electrical Systems Engineering design and manufacture a range of Control Products for the Mining, Agriculture, Marine and Building Services sectors.
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Australian Film and Pipe Manufacturers (AFPM) as the sole producer of PP-R Pipe in Australia, which is leading edge in new pipe technology for the management of hot and cold water and for a wide range of other liquids and gases.
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Agridry has been producing grain dryers Australia wide since 1976. Agridry now manufactures on a full time basis with a broad range encompassing mobile batch, mobile continuous flow dryers, low volume stationary batch dryers  to high capacity continuous ...
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02/07/08 - Agserve Goomalling Tractor Service offers new and used machinery related to the agricultural industry.

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