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Hay, grasses, feed.. horses require a balance diet for optimum health
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23/11/12 - The second webinar in the annual Rutgers Equine Science Centre webinar series will take place on December 4.
Antibiotics are still as important as ever when it comes to maintaining animal health
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22/11/12 - Antibiotics continue to play a vital role in human; plant and animal health, say the presenters and participants at a recent symposium in the US.
It can be difficult to determine what feed supplements livestock require
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22/11/12 - According to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) “as many as 14 different minerals are needed by ruminants to maintain sound health and production.”
Silage inoculants can enhance a cow's milk producing abilities
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22/11/12 - According to a recent Agri-View article, a study out of the U.S. has uncovered that silage inoculants have the potential to increase the production of rumen microbes in cows.
Electric operated feeders
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21/11/12 - Electric solenoid operated feeders from AGFECS have been designed as a low maintenance unit and are manufactured using a 1.6 galvanised sheet.
Rope operated feeding system
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20/11/12 - AGFECS rope operated feeding system uses pulleys, wire rope and a handle to activate the feed dispenser.
Vertical feed mixers
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20/11/12 - The Patz 800 series TMR vertical feed mixers from Dom Distribution are a simple design for a better bottom line and offer thorough mixing and a fast and superior clean out pro
Animal nutrition plays an important role in the growth and development of livestock
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15/11/12 - The Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition – Australia is a biannual conference that brings those involved in the scientific and commercial sectors of animal nutrition together.
Hay feedout trailer
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15/11/12 - Feedmax 2, hay feedout trailers from Ashmore Engineering tease out hay into windrows.
Livestock feeders
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15/11/12 - Metalcorp Steel have a range of livestock feeders to suit most needs.
A new report claims reducing meat consumption can prevent drought
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30/08/12 - The second part of the National Drought Policy deals with the maintenance and protection of the country’s agricultural and environmental resources during extreme drought.
SFMCA ensures stock feed manufacturers adhere to quality standards
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04/07/12 - The Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA) was formed in 1961 with the aim of representing individual and corporate stock feed manufacturers in Australia.

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