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The F-1 is the perfect solution for the home. Environmental with no sprays, it is completely safe to use around young children and pets
Enviro Bug Control
The latest in electronic fly and insect traps that is environmentally sound.
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Enviro Bug Control provide DIY environmental termite monitoring and treatment products as well as mosquito and bug traps.
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Derwent Traders traps and deterrents for snails and slugs, ideal for managing crop products.
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Electronic fly and insect trap
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24/01/13 - The F-3 electronic fly and insect trap from Enviro Bug Control emits UV light at 350 nanometres , which is the optimum wavelength for insect attraction.
Portable mosquito trap
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23/01/13 - The M-6 Portable mosquito traps from Enviro Bug Control can be used both in and outdoors and combine several methods of attractions for mosquitoes and house flies.

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