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Fox Baits

Affordable and environmentally sound, Foxlights are the solution to foxes and other night predators attacking your livestock
Enviro Bug Control
A global first and Australian invention winner of the 2009 THE INVENTORS people’s choice award, Ian Whalan developed the Foxlights to repel foxes and other predators.
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Animal Control Technologies Australia specialise in the manufacturing of a number of vertebrate pest control solutions. These solutions have been developed to specifically target the agricultural sector. . Based in Somerton, Victoria. 
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Enviro Bug Control provide DIY environmental termite monitoring and treatment products as well as mosquito and bug traps.
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lso available in the Brisbane area, possum and scrub turkey removal:- call today for a free quote. Trapping supplies and Cage traps available for cats, possums, scrub turkeys,fox,rat and mice at competitive prices. Mouse and Rat Snap traps available.Removal ...
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10/07/08 - Get Trapped supplies live animal traps, hand and arm traps, steam traps and dog and primate infusions.
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09/07/08 - Get Trapped offers dog lures and fox lures which are available in 4 and 1 ounce bottles respectively.
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08/07/08 - Get Trapped specialises in supplying cage traps to capture possums, cats, scrub turkeys, foxes and dogs.

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