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Peter Dent and his wife Jackie said the launch of iGrain’s new automatic seller insurance provides growers with more confidence and security
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27/02/13 - Growers who sold through online marketplace iGrain last year received an average of $8 per metric tonne above the market price.
GE Silos to attend trade shows in Warragul and Bendigo
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18/02/13 - This March and April will see GE Silos attending trade events in both Warragul and Bendigo to exhibit a number of their products.
Combi grain cleaners
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12/02/13 - The Kongskilde DPC40 Combi Grain Cleaners from De Vree improve grain quality by rapidly and effectively cleaning farm crop.
Ultra-veyor for transporting grain
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01/02/13 - Moving grain by air and maximising accessibility for any drying or storage facility, ultra-veyors move grain safely and easily with minimal maintenance involved.
Damper silo vent units
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31/01/13 - There are two different silo vent units, one which is for use in all types of non sealed silos and the other, the Damper model is designed for use in sealed silos.
Air intake vents
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31/01/13 - Fitted to the underside or coned based silos or the ground level of straight sided silos, air intake vents (AIV) will work well with silo ventilation systems.
Compuload weighing system
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24/01/13 - The Compuload 4000 weighing systems from Instant Weighing will operate in the heavy machine industry as a complete bulk materials handling system.
Dawson Bradford, pictured in his on-farm feed mill
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14/12/12 - Pork CRC is supporting the commercial planting of a new variety of triticale that not only gives high yield but also has higher digestible energy content than available variet
Vertical feed mixers
Supplier news
20/11/12 - The Patz 800 series TMR vertical feed mixers from Dom Distribution are a simple design for a better bottom line and offer thorough mixing and a fast and superior clean out pro
Grain aeration systems enhance productivity and profit, and they prevent wastage
Supplier news
08/11/12 - You invest a substantial amount of time into growing and harvesting your crops, so why risk wasting them by failing to adopt optimal storage practices?
Range of Silos from HE Silos
Supplier news
06/11/12 - Since 1968 Australian owned company HE Silos have provided a range of silos for grain storage requirements.
Bulk tipper
Supplier news
02/11/12 - Duraquip, have two models of bulk tippers on offer in their product range, steel and aluminium.

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