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Concrete Pipes and Irrigation Products, Troughs and Rural Fencing Products
Pipeworks Rochester
Irrigation specialists, supplying and repairing both 1st and 2nd grade concrete pipes.
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North Queensland Troughs is a leading producer of quality pre cast products providing a wide variety of troughs for the rural community. Their customers include grazing properties, feed lots, small farms, multi property companies and government departments ...
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Pipeworks Rochester supply 1st grade concrete pipes and 1st grade concrete headwalls and driveable headwalls, other products include concrete fence posts, feed troughs, water troughs, feed miser hay rings, plasflow bay outlets and real-cret ...
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07/08/08 - RPM Pipes specialise in offering innovative recycled plastic pipes. The water management products and plastic pipes from RPM Pipes are designed to save water and time. RPM Pipes offer high-density polyethylene pipes.
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01/08/08 - Recycled Plastic Technology is a plastic pipe maker from New South Wales. Plastic recycled from short shelf life, used plastic alone is used to make these pipes and other products.
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30/07/08 - Recycled Plastic Technology is a New South Wales-based recycled plastic pipe manufacturer. Plastic pipes made from 100% recycled plastic are marketed by Recycle Plastic Technology under the brand name, “The Green Pipe”.

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