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Heavy Duty Livestock Feeders

HE Silos - Cattle Feeders
HE Silos
Circular design accommodates up to 35 cattle at once
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OptiCell Eubiotic Fibre
BEC Feed Solutions
OptiCell® is a low inclusion level fibre for modern animal nutrition.
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Bale Up Feeders
Suitable for cows, bulls and yearlings, these new cattle feeders include a floor to keep hay where it should be...off the ground.
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Welcome to bale up feeders If you want to stretch your hay dollar further you have come to the right place, after seeing similar designs made in the US, we have refined and developed the Bale Up Hayfeeder into what it is today, we believe in truth ...
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BOYD Metal Works supply a range of feeders including sheep feeders, cattle feeders, sheep dry lick feeders, cattle dry lick feeders, hay feeders, horse feeders as well as chaff bins.
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Family owned and operated, HE Silos are a manufacturer of superphosphate silos, 60 degree cone silos, field bins, cattle and sheep feeders.
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BEC Feed Solutions provides premixes, feed additives, proteins, fats and oils for Australian livestock industries. We can also supply you with bagged protein meals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, phosphates and other feed ingredients.
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