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Blue Dawn Brunswick grass
Supplier news
20/02/12 - Progressive Seeds offers Blue Dawn Brunswick grass seeds to create durable soft lawns.
The Carbon Farming Initiative is now in operation in Australia as of 8 December 2011
Supplier news
10/01/12 - The Carbon Farming Initiative is a national plan that will help improve the sustainability of agricultural industries.
Xixi Li, a PhD candidate, from the University of Western Australia
Supplier news
15/09/11 - A PhD candidate, from UWA, takes a tar bush on the subject of reducing controversial agricultural green house gas emissions.
Garden Lime is a finely ground limestone that reduces soil acidity and acts as a  soil conditioner
Supplier news
24/08/11 - Garden Lime is a finely ground limestone that reduces soil acidity and acts as a soil conditioner.
The Impact Eco Line Marking System
Supplier news
22/08/11 - Swancorp presents the Impact Eco Line Marking System, a line-marking system for grass and hard surfaces that use ready-to-use paint with no additional water or mixing required.
LS-Series 75Hp Rotary Slashers
Supplier news
18/08/11 - LS-Series 75Hp Rotary Slashers from Fieldquip are built smart and they put the power right where it is needed.
AndrewDow AgroSciences sponsors the AusVeg Young Grower of the Year Award
Supplier news
28/07/11 - Dow AgroSciences partners with AusVeg to help support and protect next generation farmers, researchers and agronomists as well as Australia's future in the food production industry.
Eco Bag drip watering systems
Supplier news
25/07/11 - Eco Bag drip watering systems help save water and fertilise young trees for up to one month.
Organic feed for laying hens is available in four types
Supplier news
09/06/11 - Aus Organic Feeds supplies feed for the poultry, beef, lamb and dairy industries and has a qualified animal nutritionist to develop feeds ad protein supplements for individual requirements.
New funding initiative helps ‘grow’ Organic School Gardens Program in Australia
Supplier news
03/06/11 - The Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) has formed a partnership with Vitasoy Australia to provide start up grants for Primary Schools to assist with the establishment of organic gardens.
Turbo Pluck vineyard leaf removers are gentle on vines and fruit
Supplier news
04/05/11 - Available from Fieldquip, Turbo Pluck vineyard leaf removers provide fast and cost efficient removal of leaves in the bunch zone.
Pedestrian sweepers
Supplier news
19/04/11 - Lencrow Group and Sure Sweep have released the SM900 pedestrian sweepers.

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