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Irrigation Monitoring Equipment

Agricultural and Farming Dash Camera Observation Systems by CW Imports
CW Imports
CW Imports supply a wide range of Dash Camera Observation Systems designed for farming and agricultural applications.
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Remotely Monitor with uSee Cameras by Harrington Systems
Harrington Systems Electronics
Solar Powered or 240V, portable Remote Monitoring Cameras and tank levels. Pictures and data can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet.
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Harrington Systems Electronics manufacture a range of electronic products such as uSee Remote Monitoring, uSee Camera, uSee Satellite, uSee Tank Level and The Pipe Reader- NLIS Tag Reader.  Based in Olga Downs, North West Queensland. 
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CW Imports supply spray nozzles, air induction low drift nozzles and spray technology products to improve safety for farmers and machinery operators.
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KISS Monitoring develops innovative horticulture and turf technologies for the agricultural and landscaping sectors. KISS Monitoring has develop the “Hornet” as an innovative irrigation monitoring system. The Hornet comprises a soil moisture ...
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Campbell Scientific Australia supplies a complete range of data acquisition systems, data loggers, sensors, peripherals and telemetry options for all environmental and industrial applications. Campbell Scientific measurement systems are used extensively ...
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Simple tools from Campbell Scientific Australia for water plans
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13/05/10 - Campbell Scientific offer measurement systems that are used worldwide in both the agriculture and research sectors.

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