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Hydrosmart water treatment
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09/12/11 - Hydrosmart management has been pursuing the need for greater scientific research into its non-chemical water treatment.
Universal Flo & Hi-Flo Pressure Regulators
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30/11/11 - Universal Flo & Hi-Flo pressure regulators are designed to fix a varying inlet pressure to a set outlet pressure, in spite of changes in the system pressure.
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority's draft plan has left irrigators and environmentalists at odds
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29/11/11 - Yesterday the Murray-Darling Basin Authority made available the draft Basin Plan for public comment.
The Manurain sprinkler has a large and even distribution range
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23/11/11 - These sprinklers have been designed especially with slurry distribution in mind and cover a surprisingly large area.
Irrigation Australia
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21/11/11 - Irrigation Australia's members cover all sectors of the industry and all stages of the supply chain.
Find out more about how to use the Eco Bag drip irrigation system
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18/11/11 - The Eco Bag watering system is designed to systematically and automatically deliver water directly to the plant - find out more here.
DPI researcher Mark O'Connell says that satellite imagery can be used as a revolutionary water management  tool
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17/11/11 - Water management researchers are using satellites to give farmers an increasingly accurate idea of how much water crops need to achieve optimal yields.
The Orbitor pivot sprinklers have no body struts for debris to hang on
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16/11/11 - These innovative pivot sprinklers provide an irrigation solution that helps to spread water droplets evenly and consistently without misting.
Governments reach $1.2 billion agricultural irrigation infrastructure renewal deal
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14/11/11 - Victorian and Federal Governments have reached a $1.2 billion deal to roll out Australia's largest agricultural irrigation infrastructure renewal project.
The Airdrop irrigation system literally harvests the moisture from the air
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10/11/11 - An inspirationally lo-tech solution to irrigation in extremely dry agricultural areas has taken out this years James Dyson Award.
F Cubed’s Carocell solar water desalination technology
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13/10/11 - F Cubed has received plenty of international interest in Carocell solar desalinating technology.
ECO Bag drip irrigation system
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31/08/11 - ECO Bag drip irrigation system bags have been successfully used during drought conditions in various locations.

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