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China-NZ agreement poses challenge to Australian meat producers
18/05/17 - The agreement will be a challenge for producers who have been able to enjoy exclusive access to the chilled meat market in China until now.
Suns shines bright for ACT sheep
20/12/16 - Mugga Lane Solar Park – an area of around 46 hectares at the intersection of Mugga Lane and Monaro Highway in the ACT is looking for 100-150 head of sheep.
Global beef supply will outstrip demand in 2017
20/12/16 - ​According to reports, global beef supply is set to outstrip demand in 2017.
​Animal rights groups demand 10-year dairy industry phase-out
13/12/16 - Vegan Australia and the Animal Justice Party (AJP) want to end the dairy industry in 10 years.
By using a meat extract as ink, layer-by-layer, a food could be created that is as soft as butter and like meat, packed with nutrients.
13/12/16 - 3D printed meat is on its way.
Global agriculture study finds developing countries most threatened by invasive pest species
20/06/16 - As the world becomes more connected, invasive species are spreading further. While these species pose threats to our ecosystems.
Insect larvae reccomended for animal feed
16/05/16 - Insect larvae reared on manure should be used in animal feed as a "priority", according to the European Commission.
Fonterra axes 30 jobs from Hamilton Canpac plant
08/05/16 - There is sadness among workers as Fonterra cuts 30 jobs from its Hamilton packaging facility Canpac.
NSW irrigators benefit from further funding for water use efficiency
05/05/16 - Irrigators in NSW can now apply for a share of $111 million in funding to upgrade and modernise their on-farm water infrastructure
Operation Hayride targeting dangerous imported food products closes
02/05/16 - Operation Hayride targeted prohibited food items unlawfully imported from South Korea during an outbreak of Foot-and-mouth (FMD) disease, resulting in 12
Cleaning up Australia's Waterways
01/05/16 - The Australian Government is set to launch a national approach to eradicate Australia's worst freshwater aquatic pest: the common carp.
Australians add Alpaca to the menu
25/04/16 - Global think-tanks have increasingly pushed for a sustainable food economy, moving towards consuming alpaca meat.

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