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Highly Accurate Grain Moisture Meters from Perten Instruments
Perten Instruments Australia
Moisture measurement devices provide accurate results every time at a higher frequency with dry, cold, warm or wet samples.
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Perten Instruments provides cost effective instruments for meaningful and rapid results to cereal grain producers, traders and processors. Testing instruments include near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) analysers and detectors, whole grain analysers, grain ...
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Graintec Scientific is a supplier of high quality grain testing equipment and laboratory instrumentation. Located in Toowoomba, in the south-east of Queensland. We are a small close knit team dedicated to listening to your equipment needs and offering ...
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Since 1976 Farmscan AG has developed, acquired and employed industry leading technologies, innovations and innovators to help Australian farmers become among the world's most efficient producers via a complete range of electronics to steer, map, monitor ...
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Agridry has been producing grain dryers Australia wide since 1976. Agridry now manufactures on a full time basis with a broad range encompassing mobile batch, mobile continuous flow dryers, low volume stationary batch dryers  to high capacity continuous ...
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Weather stations, sprayer stations, data loggers, colour/pH measurement.
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Envco supplies environmental agricultural and scientific equipment for monitoring air soil and water.
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Soil Moisture Measurement
Supplier news
27/07/09 - Spectrum Technologies is proud to introduce an ideal solution for Soil Moisture Measurement.
FieldScout TDR 100 soil moisture meter
Supplier news
22/04/09 - FieldScout TDR 100 Soil Moisture Meter, available from Envco Environmental Equipment, is a portable soil moisture measurement. The FieldScout TDR 100 soil moisture meter is a suitable tool for quick,

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