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Hawk Bird Scarer on pole
Hawk Bird Scarer
The Hawk Bird Scarers are designed to scare away a number of different bird species to prevent any damage in a number to crops.
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Cityfood Growers provides food gardeners with easy access to knowledge on increasing the productivity of their backyard and urban food gardens. Learn how to grow healthy vegetables, herbs and grains with organic and Biodynamic methods. Gardening workshops, ...
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Barrier nets Australia provides chemical free crop covers designed to protect your crops against insects and bad weather.
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Hawk Bird Scarer manufacture and supply the "Hawk Bird Scarer" which is designed to be a guaranteed solution to bird problems. The life size replica is made of durable and weatherproof plastic and does not require any wind, power or poisons. 
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These bird scarers discourage birds from returning to properties
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06/12/12 - While many of them are beautiful native animals that produce a soothing sound, various bird species create mess, damage properties and crops and carry harmful diseases.
Hawk Bird Scarers can be used to scare rosella's away from rose gardens
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10/08/12 - Hawk Bird Scarers can be used to protect rose gardens from bird damage as they scare them away in a harmless manner.
Bird scarers protect crops in an environmentally friendly manner
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09/08/12 - Hawk Bird Scarers effectively protect fruit, nut, berry and broad acre crops by playing on the instinctive fear that birds have of hawks and scaring them away.

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