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Oxygen Meters

Oxyzone Pty Ltd provide Oxygen and Ozone Generators, Ozone Monitors and accessories for the agricultural and horticultural sector suitable for a range of farming services including fruit and vegetable cleaning, mushroom growing, cut flower storage, organic ...
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We can provide you S.A. horticulture suppliers & Eco-Ag consultants Bio-Tech Organics is a distributor of new Bio-Organic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and microbe cultures suited to both organic and conventional farming enterprises
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Break It Down Composting supplies large scale composters, municipalities and farmers with composting machinery and equipment. We have a strong focus to produce the highest quality compost. Break It Down Composting supplies: Compost turners (tractor pulled ...
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Pacifc Aquatech are Manufacturers and Suppliers of a full line of scientific and industrial measuring instruments.  Our products include: pH-Waterproof Pen Tester, pH-Portable, PAT-pH pH-PHB pH/mV/Temp Meter, PAT-013 High Accuracy Portable pH Meter, ...
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TPS offers quality electromechanical instruments and testing equipment for water treatment and analysis. The product range include Ion meters , Oxygen meters , salinity meters , temperature meters , peristaltic pumps, sensors and other related ...
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24/07/08 - TPS specialises in the design and manufacture of portable electronic measuring and monitoring instruments suitable for modern farming applications.

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