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Stabilan plant growth regulator
Crop Care Australasia
As an aid in increasing grain yields and prevention of lodging in wheat.
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Crop Care is a leading Australian agricultural company, who manufacture and market a vast array of crop protection and seed products, used in a wide range of markets including broad acre agriculture, pastures, sugar cane, rice and horticulture.
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Pacific Agriscience Pty Ltd operates as an International company specialising in Agricultural Chemical Products including Growth Regulators, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides and Wetting Agents.
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Prune blossoms
Supplier news
09/08/15 - Crop Care announces that the Dormex plant growth regulator can be used by plum and prune growers to manage budbreak and flowering.
Unity provides a better Poisons Schedule profile
Supplier news
27/01/15 - Crop Care has added 10 new registrations and label extensions to their product range.
Supplier news
02/10/14 - Crop Care Australasia presents the Stabilan, an effective plant growth regulant containing 582 g/L chlormequat.
A single application of suSCon Yellow Intel granules can provide 3-year protection against banana weevil borer and greyback canegrub damage
Supplier news
05/12/13 - Crop Care Australasia is constantly introducing new crop protection products in the market to provide effective and practical solutions for horticulture.
Larger and more regular berries in Sitofex-treated bunches compared with untreated bunches
Supplier news
03/12/13 - Crop Care Australasia presents a new plant growth regulator formulated to improve quality, size, yield and health of tablegrapes.
More uniform fruit size and yield increases are being promoted in Australian apple orchards with the use of the plant-growth regulator Dormex
Supplier news
26/06/13 - Plant growth regulator Dormex from Crop Care Australasia is being used in apple orchards to promote uniform and earlier than normal budbreak and flowering.

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