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Plant Growth Starters

Urban Gardener hydroponics shop specialize in affordable hydroponic systems and supplies for all of your indoor growing needs. An extensive selection of hydroponics products and supplies is available.
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From improving fruit set to helping cattle overcome heat stress Acadian™ AgriTech targets specific crop and animal production issues.
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Eco Bag Industries provide an Eco Bag which is a drip watering system for watering young trees. It is designed to be a water saving device as it waters and fertilises young trees for up to one month; prevents evaporation, stops weed growth ...
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Our team at AgroBest are passionately committed to developing, manufacturing and delivering high performance products and services that will support Australian growers, today and in generations to come. Three generations of successful farming and 25 ...
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Propogators and growers of native and indigenous species. We specialise in tubestock seedlings and cuttings .
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Alosca Technologies supply Dry Granular Legume Inoculants for clover, serradella, lupin, biserrula, lucerne, chickpea, lentils and other legumes.
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Tree survival with the Eco Bag
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21/08/09 - The Eco Bag, an automatic tree watering system, can be a key to tree survival in Australia’s harsh climate.

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