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Junabee farmer Andrew Free grows PAC 727IT corn for gritting and has added PAC 440 for feed.
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20/11/18 - Andrew Free has planted feed corn on his farm due to the improved varieties on offer as well as the growing demand in the feed market.
Graham and Jeff Barbeler
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03/10/18 - A Kingaroy farming family has achieved a major career milestone this year, having completed 25 years of trialling commercial crops on their farm.
Precision seeder by Seed Spider from GT Tractors
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07/05/12 - GT Tractors are the exclusive Australian distributor for Seed Spider’s extensive range of products.
The Hysun and Hyoleic range of hybrid sunflowers
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29/02/12 - Pacific Seeds offers the Hysun and Hyoleic range of hybrid sunflowers.
Aftermarket Planter and Tillage Parts
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30/01/12 - Boss Agriculture now carries a large range of aftermarket planting and tillage parts.
DX50 double disc planters from Boss Agriculture
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25/02/11 - Boss Agriculture’ DX50 double disc planters are robust parallelogram twin disc openers which deliver optimum seed placement.
High Speed Automatic Transplanter
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16/12/10 - Transplant Systems offers a range of high speed automatic transplanters for seedling planting applications.
Tree survival with the Eco Bag
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21/08/09 - The Eco Bag, an automatic tree watering system, can be a key to tree survival in Australia’s harsh climate.
Grower Des Miguel took a different approach, with his farm manager taking charge of marketing to ensure the best possible prices.
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21/08/09 - Deregulation of Australia’s grains industry has provided both challenges and opportunities for Australia’s grain growers who now find themselves in the unique position of deciding who to sell their grain to and when.
New Bryemax Barracuda Parallelogram Planting System
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01/07/09 - The new Barracuda Parallelogram planting system will incorporate a 600/800Llbs tyne and a 20” single disc opener on the same parallelogram with independent depth setting on the single disc and tyne.
Taipan from Pacific Seeds
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24/05/09 - Taipan from Pacific Seeds is a fast-growing, erect oat, ideally suited to cattle in a continuous grazing situation.
Vegetable growers mechanising their operations
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16/03/09 - Traditionally, fruit and vegetable farming has been seen as highly labour intensive. The move towards mechanisation has been driven not just by farmers’ growing incomes, but by the deepening shortage of workers.

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