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High quality backed with a 5 year pump end warranty
Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps)
Aussie Ag Chem Poly Pumps are manufactured from glass filled polyester and are available in 2 different versions.
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Liquid Systems (SA) is internationally recognised as an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of systems and components specifically engineered for the application of liquid fertiliser and associated products via furrow banding.   ...
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Aussie Pumps specialise in the manufacture and supply of high performance, self priming centrifugual transper pumps for a wide range of applications.  Their range of products include hydro loop, blasters and drain cleaning jetters.
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Chris Andrighetto from Griffith with his Aussie poly pump used as a dependable means for pumping corrosive ag. chemicals
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05/06/13 - Australian Pump Industries has developed a range of poly pumps designed for safe, fast and efficient pumping of liquid fertilisers.
Ron and Chris Andrighetto from Griffith with the 3” Aussie poly pump, a low cost, reliable solution for pumping liquid fertiliser
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23/08/12 - Aussie poly pumps from Australian Pump Industries are a range of 2” and 3” self priming centrifugal engine drive pumps developed for efficient pumping of liquid fertilisers.
Ben Sculthorpe from Seven Hills checks out the new Aussie Pump guide on Aussie pumps and high pressure cleaning equipment
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17/08/12 - Australian Pump Industries has released a new comprehensive pump guide designed to simplify pump selection and application.

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