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AGRI Dam and Pond Sealants from Triox
Aqua-Tech AGRI
Triox Dam and Pond Sealant is made with absorbent polymers to plug leaking ponds and dams.
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Based in Tasmania, The Orion Group has been providing polymer products to the industrial and agricultural sector for over 30 years. The company offers a wide range of products such as safety and storage products, rainwater tanks, slimline rainwater tanks, ...
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Aqua-Tech Agri is a range of specialty polymer products developed for sealing dams and ponds in agriculture and horticultural applications.
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Aqua-Tech Dam and Pond Sealer from Aqua-Tech AGRI
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30/11/09 - Aqua-Tech Dam and Pond Sealer from Aqua-Tech AGRI is a specially formulated blend of super absorbent polymers designed to plug leaking dams and ponds.
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24/07/08 - Superior Water Tanks produces steel rainwater tanks. Superior Water Tanks has established its centres at two locations in Australia. The water tanks from Superior Water Tanks are available in various models including corrugated, slimline, poly, flexible, ...

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