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Nursery equipment, engineering and materials handling products supplier in Western Sydney. C-Mac(Aust) Nursery Equipment have over 46 years of experience in the industry with in-house made products including shade houses, pot accumulators, pallet racks, ...
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Transplant Systems specialise in manufacturing and marketing their range of field transplanting equipment. Their range includes automatic field transplanters, nursery equipment and used equipment.
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DT-2016 Potting Machine
Supplier news
20/01/11 - Transplant Systems supplies a range of versatile potting machines in single working and double working configurations.
Demtec Sowing Machine
Supplier news
21/12/10 - Demtec sowing machines from Transplant Systems are designed to broadcast-sow seeds of various types directly onto a pot containing soil.
Demtec DT-3016 Potting Machine
Supplier news
20/12/10 - Demtec DT-3016 available from Transplant Systems is a range of versatile potting machines designed to work automatically with pots sized from 7cm to 26cm and 26cm to 36cm.

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