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Protein Analysers

Easy to use and read grain analysis results
The Infratec Sofia Grain Analyser ensures quality control in your grain with accuracy, memory card usage, web-based update system and more.
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FOSS is the world’s leading provider of analytical instruments for the food, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Their extensive product range includes analysers for dairy, meat, grain and wine applications.
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Graintec Scientific is a supplier of high quality grain testing equipment and laboratory instrumentation. Located in Toowoomba, in the south-east of Queensland. We are a small close knit team dedicated to listening to your equipment needs and offering ...
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GPS Ag is a wholly owned subsidiary of Novariant Inc and an authorized distributor of AutoFarm branded products for Australia. In 1999 GPS Ag was established with an aim to provide agricultural producers with competitively priced guidance and auto steer ...
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The NIRS DA1650 feed analyser is a robust high-performance near infrared analyser
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07/05/12 - FOSS has recently announced the release of the NIRS DA1650, a feed analyser with the potential to instantly enhance quality and process economy.

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