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Ratchet Tags

Transport Wheel Ratchet Strap by Just Straps
Just Straps
The convenient pack of two complete Ratchet Straps are a must have for any transport need as well as a great addition on the farm to transport machinery from one location to another.
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Maker of animal identification solutions including RFID (electronic) ear tags, VID ear tags and Tattoo systems for all livestock. Shop online at www.tags4u.com.au
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Just Straps specialise in manufacturing a range of quality Webbing Load Restraint Systems. With an extensive range of straps and accessories for Marine, 4Wd, Jet Ski's, Trucking, Tradesmen and Motor Cycles.    Based in Castle Hill, NSW. 
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Supplier news
14/07/08 - Drover's Rural Supplies is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of identification tags for the rural industry. Drover's Rural Supplies specialises in livestock identification including animal husbandry equipment and veterinary instruments.
Supplier news
11/07/08 - Drover's Rural Supplies is a supplier of tail tags for livestocks. Drover's Rural Supplies has identified the niche market well and developed enhanced products to meet the demanding market needs.
Supplier news
10/07/08 - Drover's Rural Supplies specialises in a wide range of identification tags for livestocks. Drover's Rural Supplies offers high quality brands which are mainly used for horses and cattle. Drover's Rural Supplies also offers paint and timber brands.

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