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Stockstill's animal restraint systems have a reputation for solid reliability and doing exactly what it is designed to do by gently holding animals immobile whilst necessary animal husbandry procedures are carried out, with safety to both animal and ...
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The stand easy Animal immobiliser was developed after much scientific research, for Veterinarians and Stockmen, for the safe and effective immobilization of bovine and equine animals.
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05/10/11 - Available now from Stockstill, the Stockstill Animal Retrainer an electronic device that restrains livestock in order to improve the efficiency of animal handling procedures.
STAND EASY animal immobilsers are ideal for branding procedures
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25/07/11 - The Stand Easy animal immobiliser safely immobilises animals so that veterinarians and stockmen can carry out their work.
Advantages for animals and operators of the Stockstill animal restraints
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10/03/11 - With Stockstill animal restraints work areas remain cleaner, there is minimal excrement build-up and noise levels are considerably reduced.

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