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photo credit: Flinders University
11/12/16 - According to phys.org, ​South Australian research that improves wheat, pastures and other crop yields has sown the seeds for global distribution deals.
A decade of patience yields dividends for Jondaryan grower
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09/08/16 - Loughnan said with three different soil types - Waco, black clay and lighter soil – he never sowed his paddocks to just one variety of sorghum or cotton.
Jamie Crossing is very impressed with how PAC 607IT handles the weather extremes of his district
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19/08/13 - Liverpool Plains grower Jamie Crossing planted PAC 607IT corn last summer at Colly Blue, Spring Ridge to supply feed mills and dairies around the region, but a heat wave and subsequent flood was not part of the plan.
NSW farmer and agronomist, John Minogue uses Keech DDP 18W1 knife points to improve field efficiency
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17/07/13 - The strength and adaptability of tools from Keech Castings is helping New South Wales farmer John Minogue use a single drill and set of points in his multi-crop no-tillage operation.
Grower Simon Tourle won the prestigious Premer Shield for high sorghum yields
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12/07/13 - A sorghum grower from Liverpool Plains won the prestigious Premer Shield for top yields this year.
A robotic tractor and seeding machine with a high degree of planting accuracy will improve agricultural productivity for farmers.
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15/06/13 - A robotic tractor and seeding machine with a high degree of planting accuracy will improve agricultural productivity for farmers and enable cropping on 20% more land.
Mel Anderton, Malcolm & Dianne Campbell, and Bill Smith cutting the cake at Wednesday's trial co-operator meet
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10/06/13 - CRT FarmFest provided the perfect platform for growers to discuss wide-ranging what-if questions about planting going forward.
Although sunflowers are heat-loving plants, Downlands College students managed to win UQ's Sunflower Competition in autumn using a clever greenhouse setup
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29/05/13 - Students from Downlands College in Toowoomba took the honours in the Overall Heaviest Grand Champion category at the University of Queensland Sunflower Competition for the second year in a row.
Reynolds (pictured) was impressed with last season's canola harvest and intends to plant the crop again this winter
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16/05/13 - Three canola varieties from Pacific Seeds planted by a couple on their property near Shepparton have yielded great results, leading to good cash flow at harvest time.
John Gawne needed a seeding rig that was strong, accurate and easy to transport
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15/05/13 - A brand new precision hoe drill from Flexi-Coil is delivering seeding accuracy and peace of mind to a New South Wales grower after his previous seeding bar broke in half.
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11/03/13 - According to the latest Rabobank Agri Commodity Markets Research report, soybeans appear to have gained ground on corn and cotton this year in the annual battle for acreage in the US.
Keech Australia has manufactured direct drilling and deep tillage parts for over 50 years
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27/02/13 - Keech Castings has invested in a $3 million upgrade at its No 2 Foundry in Bendigo, Victoria.

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