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Gason tiller
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19/11/12 - Gason's range of tillers gives farmers the chance to purchase a machine best suited to meeting their overall requirements.
Liquid air seeders
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13/11/12 - Both the 2120 and 2150 models of liquid air seeders from Gason feature a 5000 litre UV tabilised polyethylene tank along with middle and rear steel bins for granular products.
2.4m Aervator
Supplier news
09/11/12 - The 2.4M Aervators from Farmtech Machinery are part of the GH Series of aerators.
Stoneburier rotary hoes
Supplier news
09/11/12 - Daken ASV have three types of model available in their tillage range, rotary hoes, rotary harrows, and Stonebarriers.
Floating hitch cultivator
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08/11/12 - The 8910 floating hitch cultivators from Bourgault Industries has a simple design that will provide you with a trouble free operation for many seasons.
Floating hitch chisel plough
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08/11/12 - Hitch with a unique three point frame which is designed to distribute a high horsepower load that the tractors of today can place on a machine.
Grain aeration systems enhance productivity and profit, and they prevent wastage
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08/11/12 - You invest a substantial amount of time into growing and harvesting your crops, so why risk wasting them by failing to adopt optimal storage practices?
Grow-Master aerator
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08/11/12 - Grow-Master aerators have specially designed tines that increase the absorption of water and air by shattering the compact ground which encourages root growth.
TD seed drill
Supplier news
07/11/12 - The TD seed drill from Davimac Engineering consists of 4 tool bars spaced at 550mm so the seed drill can handle trash and residue.
ED seed drill
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07/11/12 - The ED seed drill from Davimac Engineering ensures a consistent seed placement, a reduced soil disturbance and a precise seeding depth.
Small seed box
Supplier news
07/11/12 - For the past 15 years Davimac Engineering has manufactured a small seed box that caters for every farmers needs.
Range of Silos from HE Silos
Supplier news
06/11/12 - Since 1968 Australian owned company HE Silos have provided a range of silos for grain storage requirements.

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