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Gravity fed field bin
Supplier news
05/11/12 - Field bins ranging from 39m3 (360 bags) to 48m3 (440 bags) are available from Ahrens Sherwell range.
There are many reasons why we should opt for sealed silos
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31/10/12 - Silos are the grain storage solution of choice for many of us; however in recent times there has been a particular emphasis on ensuring they are sealed.
Grain cleaners remove impurities from all types of grain efficiently and effectively
Supplier news
31/10/12 - Want to ensure your customers and/or suppliers are satisfied with your grain? Looking to enhance profit? It could be all in the grain cleaning processes you employ.
NT08 bolt on kit
Supplier news
17/10/12 - Agmaster have a bolt on kit, slip on kit and flexible boot kit in it's range of no till seeding kits.
Deep tine ripper
Supplier news
12/10/12 - The two and three tine deep rippers from John Berends Implements have parabolic curved tines which allow for an easy access to the ground.
Brock aeration fan
Supplier news
26/09/12 - Aeration Control Australia, a subsidiary of the Industrial Automation Group has added the Brock range of aeration fans to their product line.
Queensland grower Peter Howlett is able to maximise profits by using the Orthman 1tRIPr
Supplier news
06/09/12 - A unique tillage tool distributed in Australia by Muddy River Agricultural is helping Australian producers maximise profits through increased maize production.
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28/08/12 - The quality of a property’s pastures will directly affect the health and survival rate of stock. By ensuring pastures are healthy, stock survival rates will be high.
These fire fighting units can be attached to a variety of different chaser bins
Supplier news
28/08/12 - By taking a number of simple precautions when using your agricultural machinery, the incidence of bush fires and spot fires can be dramatically reduced.
Native grasses prevent equine laminitis, which can lead to Founder
Supplier news
08/08/12 - The team at Native Seeds explain that native grasses are ideal for horse pastures as they effectively prevent the debilitating condition of equine laminitis in horses.
IAS's Wireless Blockage Monitor available from Farmscan
Supplier news
20/07/12 - Intelligent Agricultural Solutions (IAS) is pleased to announce its latest product, the Wireless Blockage Monitor, now available from Farmscan AG.
ARCBA works to further the Australian cattle seed stock industry
Supplier news
26/06/12 - The Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association (ARCBA) is the peak industry Council for the Australian cattle seed stock industry, and deals with both meat and dairy producing cattle.

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